Your Stress-free

Dinner Party Guide

Hosting a dinner party is not for the faint of heart – what do your guests want to eat? Which wine pairs well with salmon? Amanda doesn’t want to sit next to Tim – that ruins the whole seating plan!


Luckily for you, the traders at Central Market Arcade are a one stop shop for all your hosting needs, making the only stressful part of your dinner party dealing with Amanda!

Planning the menu

The first item to tackle in your planning is: what to serve?

The friendly staff at the Angelakis Bros have you covered for every seafood, poultry or game request you might have. We recommend starting with an impressive seafood platter in the centre of your beautifully dressed table, a recipe that is one of their most popular.


For a main, who doesn’t love a good roast chicken? Special mention to their Apricot Ready to Roast Seasoned Chicken Breast Rolls. Ready to roast, meaning you don’t have to worry about any preparation, just throw them in the over and fill up your wine glass.


Your drop of choice

Speaking of wine, what are you drinking? Vintage Cellars have a nice drop for every taste. If you’re one to plan, go to their website and set your store location to Victoria Square for a full run down of the range they have in store. If you’re not one for planning, or don’t know much about wine, their welcoming staff are always happy to help with food pairings, specific flavours, and interesting blends.


Looking sharp

Now that we have the menu covered, it’s time to get ready to impress. You’re hosting a dinner party after all, a little presentation never hurt anyone!


Maybe a new haircut is on the cards? Hosting a dinner party is as good an excuse as any to sport a new hairstyle. You’ll find the freshest cuts on the block at Kam Al-Ouri Barber.

Set the scene

The best dinner parties focus on the smallest details, like your table settings.


The team at Better World Arts have an amazing range of table and kitchen wares available in store, ready to provide tablecloths and napkins, or a very colourful apron to add that little extra something to your guest’s night.


If you’re wanting to give your guests something to do while you’re on prep in the kitchen, we suggest you get a cocktail shaker and instruct your guests to experiment with their cocktail skills! A great way of getting your guests to interact, and you get to sample their cocktail (or mocktail!) creations when you’re no longer needed in the kitchen!


A sweet treat


What would a dinner party be without dessert? A sad dinner party, that’s for sure. Haigh’s Chocolates have been providing sweet treats to South Australian's since 1915, so its only fitting to have this SA staple feature somewhere in your dinner party.


If you’re feeling fancy, we suggest you follow suit with a classic ‘after-dinner mint’ offering – a block of their Dark Peppermint Crunch will cap your dinner party off perfectly. If mint isn’t your thing, you could pick up a box of their Assorted Truffles and let your guests pick and choose which chocolate they’d like to end their dinner with.

Make Central Market Arcade your one stop shop for your next dinner party – all your hosting needs covered in one simple shop!