Wholesome Long Weekend


Headed to Womad for the long weekend or just planning a getaway in your own backyard? Here are some ways to make your weekend wholesome and to take care of yourself from head to toe!


Be protected

Raspberry, coconut, carrot… sounds tasty but it’s not for your belly, it’s for your skin! Ommade Meet the Maker carry beautiful sun protection lotion made from plant oils, shea butter and zinc oxide.


Look the part

Loose pants, bright colours and busy patterns are the unofficial uniform of Womad. Bodhisattva Girl the place to get this look. The store is overflowing with gorgeous clothes in light fabrics and an enormous variety of styles and sizes.

Pack snacks

Don’t let hunger get the best of you when you’re out and about. For longer-lasting energy avoid processed foods and stick to simple snacks like nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Victoria Square Health let you scoop stacks of lovely snacks into paper bags (very eco-friendly!).


Treat your feet

Shoes are optional on a three-day weekend but if you really want to show your feet some love, stop into Step Footwear. They have a fabulous range of extremely comfy shows including Crocs, Birkenstocks and Sketchers.


Get the essentials

Your skin and your senses will be aching for a little love after an action-packed weekend. The Honey Shoppe and Soap Box carry a beautiful array of essential oils to help you rejuvenate and replenish.