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Sustainable Adelaide Stores

Throughout the Central Market Arcade you'll find retailers making a conscious effort to offer sustainable options - small steps toward a better future!

Handmade to lend a hand

OmMade Organic Skincare

Not only are their products sustainable, but OmMade’s partnerships are also bettering communities around Australia. OmMade is an official collection point of bottle tops for Envision Hands, an initiative which uses 3D printing to turn plastic waste into mechanical hands for children who are in need.


They are also a collection point for the Aussie Bread Tag for Wheelchairs initiative. Did you know 200kgs of bread tags fetches enough money to buy one wheelchair? Start a collection jar at home or work and get collecting!

Welcoming bookworms 

Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop

The premise for Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop is simple: recycled books. All the books in the shop and in the book gallery next door are recycled. Some come from donations, some come from curation by book purveyors Kate and Nick – but all have the purpose of being reused by the next bookworm to pick it off the shelf. A true reaction to mass-market production, Adelaide’s Pop-Up Bookshop is allowing even the most avid reader to be more sustainable in their reading.

Green clean

The Honey Shoppe

Honey isn’t the only thing you can find at The Honey Shoppe - they also feature a wide range of sustainable products. They have an entire line of 100 percent biodegradable cleaning products for laundry and dish washing, which are safe for the environment and safe for your skin. Make sure to bring in your reusable containers to further minimise your waste, and check out their soaps, which are all wrapped in alternative forms to plastic.

Beyond the canvas bag

Little Tokyo

Home and gifts store Little Tokyo has a wide range of reusable bags to purchase. If you’re looking for a new tote bag, a child’s lunchbox, or a funky patterned eco-friendly container, Little Tokyo has it all!

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Sipping sustainably

Maison Clement

Maison Clement is making your morning coffee more sustainable with their keep cup range, available to purchase in store, with or without a beverage inside it. There’s no need to feel guilty about going back for a second latte when you’ve got a keep cup to minimise the waste of a takeaway coffee cup!

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