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Around the world finds

Find a unique gift from around the world at the Central Market Arcade.

All Silk


All Silk specialises in handmade, pure silk women’s clothing that is sourced directly from China. With a wide range of traditional silk dresses, dressing gowns, and silk accessories, they have all of your silk needs covered.

Better Worlds Art

📍Kashmir, Peru, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, China, Australia

Better World Arts is home to a range of artists and a range of products. Originally providing a platform for Australian Aboriginal artists to sell their art, Better World Arts is now an international platform for artists in several remote regions to share their artwork with the world. You’ll find Chinese bone china, traditional Aboriginal Australian dot paintings, and many other textiles in store.

Little Tokyo


At Little Tokyo you can find Japanese food and homewares. Authentic food specialties, like Miso paste, Sake, and Nori seaweed, can all be found in store, alongside a vast range of traditional Japanese tea flavours and infusions. Their tableware range is where you’ll find authentic Sakeware, chopsticks, and bento boxes.

Persian Art Treasure


Quality Persian rugs, textiles, and other gifts and crafts handcrafted in Iran available in the heart of Adelaide. All of the rugs are handmade, using fine natural textiles to create beautifully crafted pieces for your home.

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