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Switch up your lunch spot

The smells of delicious curries, the sounds of the coffee machine… Lunchtime is a great time to be in the arcade. Here are our favourite lunchtime spots to switch up your routine and make the most of your midday!
Butter up

Maison Clement

Who says a buttery, flaky croissant is only for breakfast? Reclaim the lunchtime croissant. Maison Clement bake some of the best and most innovative pastries in Adelaide and perhaps even Australia. The French-trained team offer fantastic savoury options alongside their impeccably crafted sweets.


OG Rolls and Bakery

Specialising in Vietnamese Bahn Mi, OG Rolls and Bakery is where convenience meets authenticity in the arcade. If you’re a fan of big flavours, like coriander and chilli, OG Rolls is the lunchtime spot for you. Don’t worry though, if you’re not into coriander and chilli, you can personalise your roll to include only your favourite flavours. They don’t let their patrons down on the bakery front either – check out their King Donut!

Fresh Bite

Energize Café

Lunchtime at Energize is all about toasties and focaccias – think your classic ham and cheese, to the more adventurous sweet chilli tuna – meaning it’s a great option for adults and children alike. They also have a great selection of baked goods, which will surely help any sweet tooth cravings you have. Make sure you get one of their freshly squeezed juices for your walk back to the office!


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Classic Cafe

Café Jensen

With their ample seating and large menu, Café Jensen is a local favourite for lunchtime food. Their breakfast items are all delicious, and their lunch menu doesn’t disappoint either. Their Chicken Schnitzel burger comes with a hefty serving of fries on the side and will fill the stomachs of even the most ravenous of lunchtime goers.

Hearty cuisine

Malacca Corner

Fancy something with a little spicy? Malacca Corner specialises in classic Malaysian dishes. Catering for meat lovers and vegetarians, they have a dish to suit everyone. We recommend their laksa, it’s amazing!


Sandwiches with substance


For those on the go, Subway is a perfect option. The staff are consistently quick in their service, making your footlong sub speedily enough that even those with a 30-minute lunchbreak won’t have to rush back to the office straight away. If you’ve got more time, Subway has seating for you to do some people watching on Gouger Street – the perfect way to pass your lunchbreak spare time.