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Christmas Gift Guide

Every year we tell ourselves that we will be organised and get our Christmas shopping done early. And every year we still manage to leave it to the last minute. Well this year you can be organised and get all your shopping done in one trip to The Central Market Arcade. Read our gift guide below and start ticking things off your list!



Why are Mum’s always the easiest but also the hardest to buy for? Either they already have everything or they are giving you a list of a million things they would like. We recommend stopping into OmMade Organic Skincare and checking out their wide range natural beauty products that your Mum is sure to love. From their Magnesium Body Butter or their Australian Natives Eye Serum, OmMade Organic Skincare prides themselves on producing products that are not only great for the skin but good for the environment too.




Dad won’t be getting just socks and jocks this year. Treat him to something he really wants from Smokemart & Gift Box. With a selection of sporting and pop culture memorabilia you will find something that he will want to show off to his mates. Or even a fun board game that the whole family can enjoy. And if you’re really stuck, a novelty coffee mug is always a winner.  




If you are looking for gifts for the kids that will stand the test of time, then KrakajaX is definitely worth checking out. KrakajaX specialises in wooden and educational toys so you know that these are the gifts that will last. Their extensive range includes puzzles, musical instruments, toy cars and much more. These nostalgic toys are great for encouraging your children’s imagination while also being sustainable.


Your Furry Friend


We can’t forget our pets at Christmas and they deserve to be treated just as much as anyone else in the family! Whether it be your dog or cat, bird or guinea pig or your goldfish, Pet Shop Paul’s has everything to treat your pets. They stock a variety of toys, feed and treats as well as grooming and cleaning supplies to pamper your pet too.


Aunty Sue


Aunty Sue is the relative you still have to buy a gift for even though you are not really sure what they will like. The Honey Shoppe and Soap Box is a great place to find a gift for the Aunty Sue in your life. Not only do they stock 100% pure, unprocessed honey that is naturally derived from the comb they also sell essential and healing oils as well as organic herbs, spices, soaps, natural hair care, candles, waxes and biodegradable cleaning products. Put together a hamper for Aunty Sue and she will be singing your praises for years to come.