Get Organised with our Christmas Checklist



Food in our opinion is the most important part of Christmas and The Central Market Arcade is THE place to go for food. Nothing is better than loading up your plate with all the trimmings and tucking in for a feed that is sure to put you into a food coma. Don’t forget the Christmas leftovers that will have you sorted for lunch for the next week. Check out Angelakis Brothers for all your seafood platter needs and Day 2 Day Butcher for your Christmas roast.




The next most important thing, in our opinion, is something to drink and wash down your Christmas lunch. A special bottle of bubbles or a festive cocktail is a must for any Christmas party. A glass of eggnog or some mulled wine for those who prefer a traditional Christmas beverage. Vintage Cellars has a wide range of wine, beer and spirits to keep you Merry and Bright all through the night. Or visit Coles to pick up any mixers or fruit to make that delectable festive cocktail!




You probably already have this part sorted but if you don’t, you’re a little late to the party! We’ve had our decorations up since November!! Putting up your Christmas tree and getting the house looking festive is one of the best ways to start a family tradition and keep the Christmas spirit alive. And why not be a little more sustainable this year? Try a floral arrangement with fresh flowers from Bunches Fine Flowers. To get your tree looking fabulous, check out Better World Arts for handmade and painted Aboriginal design baubles and ornaments.




The last and final thing to check off your list, your outfit for the day. Christmas in Australia is notorious for being extremely warm and this year will certainly be no different. We recommend wearing something light that will also allow room for food. Visit L & H Forever or Cookies & Dream for a perfect Christmas dress. Then visit Jai Accessories for a cute pair of earrings or even a fun, festive hat to complete your outfit.


You should now have everything ticked off your list and be all prepared for Christmas. Sit down, relax, enjoy a cool beverage and have a very Merry Christmas!